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Frederick-Lanell Distinct Properties specializes in rental properties of uncompromising luxury and refinement. The properties in our portfolio reflect our unwavering commitment to the utmost in modern convenience with absolute respect for the heritage and history of our buildings. The result is an unparalleled apartment rental experience, whether in an unfurnished or furnished corporate unit.

What Our Residents Say...

When I moved back to Kansas City from New York, I was delighted to discover Frederick-Lanell properties. I couldn't believe my luck. I enjoy a level of amenities commensurate with a high-end home, without having to become a homeowner.

–Josh, Marketing Director

Sarah and I chose Frederick-Lanell after an exhaustive search of apartments, townhomes and lofts in all areas of Kansas City. We became frustrated, as it appeared we would be forced to live in what amounts to a square box made up of white walls and bad carpeting.

When we toured our Frederick-Lanell apartment, we were delighted; it was well appointed with modern conveniences typically found in a new home. We are quite pleased with our decision and feel we have a home rather than a "vanilla" apartment.

–Kyle, Account Executive

Frederick-Lanell rental properties are in a league of their own. Before I found mine, I wouldn't have thought apartments like this even existed, nor would I have set out to find one. I have all the space I could ever want, and I'm close to work, too.

–Murray, Attorney and Corporate Executive

For me, it's a lifestyle choice to remain a renter, rather than to become a homeowner. I'm a long-term Frederick-Lanell renter. I was the first resident to reserve an apartment in the building I live in now, reserving it even before renovations began.

–Keith, Computer Software Programer

We moved from a home in Fairway, Kansas into a Frederick-Lanell apartment because the level of amenities was so much nicer and more to our liking. The brand new kitchen appealed to me, because I love cooking, and the interior finishes are very upscale and beautiful. I couldn't have asked for more.

–Ling, Restaurant Owner

Please mail rent and correspondence to
P.O. Box 32132
Kansas City, MO 64171